Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Latest Post

It's been about 2 years and several months since my last post on this blog. I just wanted to give a heads up on what has been going on with my reconstructed knee. I was originally told by my surgeon, who is very skilled, BTW. Who knew Stanford would crank out quality surgeons!?!? Nonetheless, he told me I wouldn't squat heavy again. Needless to say my legs are more stronger now than I was before. I'm squatting in the 300 hundred range. I'm not talking about machine squats. I'm talking about rack squats, and I'm machine pressing close to 800 lbs. I train my legs very hard, and strive for all around power. This means each muscle group. The importance of posterior chain workouts is key. You must have all around strength and attack deficiencies. My vertical has improved, and my 4-6 speed has come back. ACL surgery has been very successful, but again you must rehab hard and long. I've completed my third marathon this year and I'm going to do three more the rest of the year. Next year, I'm doing an iron man as well. Keep your head up and work hard is my advice to anyone that is going to go thru this journey. Remember, hard work conquers all.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Almost one year later

At the end of this month, one year will have elapsed since ACL surgery. It has been a hard recovery, mentally, and physically. First, not being able to work out the first 12 months was a nightmare, I managed to get passed that hurdle, then came the first time running. Which was a challenged, cause you can’t just take off running, and expect to be back to normal. Then came jumpers knee, pulled muscles, etc. My first major success was completing a 5k in 30 minutes. This happened at the 6 month mark, after I was released from physical therapy, the real work began. I made it a point to rehab every chance I had, even if it was just simple single leg squats. Which I may add did not feel normal until about the 10th month mark. Lifting weights, and running all time time takes a toll on you. I work our really hard, not just the same weight. Now, closer to the year mark, here are my messuarables, Rack Squat, 225 max, 195 normally, leg extensions 145 lbs, leg press 225, Hamstring curls 125 max. 7 min mile run, 40 yard dash is 4.72, i was 4.6.4 before surgery, so there is a bit of work to do there. I can cut, change direction, throw on the run, run full court basketball, box jump, with out incident. For those people thinking about this procedure, you will get what you put in. If you plan to work your ass off, then there is nothing to worry about.




Monday, November 16, 2009

My Final Post

So, I have been blogging about my ACL surgery recovery, for about 8 months now. I started right after surgery. This was a good outlet, to not only remind me of the hard work, but also some help for others barley starting their recovery journey. I hope I have helped inspire, and educate some of what goes on recovering from this procedure. So, this is my last post, I feel like I am at the end of my recovery. So, this will be my last post, but keep checking, as I will be blogging on a number of other subjects, such as technology, and physical fitness.


Friday, November 6, 2009

My first basketball game

So, I'm a pretty good athlete, good football player. I love hooping it up with my nephew, last week I was able to do that again. It felt good to get out there, I have never been really good at basketball, but I can make some moves. I was able to hold my own, didn't even think about my knee. It was just full court press. I am thinking less, and less about my knee. I have also logged some miles running. 18 in one week, I did suffer a bit from a sore achilles tendon. Took most of this week off from running to let the old legs heal. I do however still feel some weakness in my left knee, but for the most part I am pretty much back. I still will incorprate some rehab work in my routine for a year, I can't slack off on the, but all in all I'm back.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race for the Cure

So, yesterday was the race for the cure 5k. I participated in te event. I ran in the memory of a very special lady in my life growing up, it was exciting to get out and run a timed event since ACL surgery. It has been 6 and a half months. My quad are about the same size, my left left still needs to get stronger, but I have been running ad much as I can so I figured I could do the event, and get some good time. I finished in 31 minutes, if there would have been less people in front of me I could have been done in 28 minutes. Not bad for a reconstructed knee. Afterwards, I was sore. My patella was a lot more sore, my muscle was fatigued. So, again there are reminders that I am not fully recoverd yet, I am getting close, but it is there. my goal is to run the turkey trot next month. On thanksgiving day, it's a 10k. Which is going to require me to run more, I think I am up for the challenge. So, for all the breast cancer survivors, god bless, stay strong, we are behind you!

In Loving Memory of
Lanona Higginbottom

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Squats, Dead legged lifts, and other intense work outs.

So, I have been really lazy with blogging, work, life, and the gym take up most of my time. Recently, I went to a rough patch with my training. It all seemed really the same, I was not feeling it. So, I slowed down a bit, and took some time away, and rested. Now, back with a new focus, I decided to get back to the basics. Power lifting, getting my base stronger. So, I have started working on more power lifting, squatting, and really working on hamstring work. Which from what I understand is essential to have a pretty balanced strength regiment. So, I have progressed to 225 lbs dead lifts, 170 lbs rack squats. 70 lbs knee extensions. A ton of hip work, hamstring work outs. Quad sets, single leg work. Some bosu work, some band work, you name it I have done it. I also took the field, and ran some pass routes, I am not talking light jogging, I am talking get your leg in the dirt, and push hard, stop, and change directions. At first, it seemed a bit odd. Since I know there is a ton of work that still needs to be done, before my left leg feels as normal as my right. It felt great, not only was it mentally pleasing, but it felt really good to stress my new knee, and not worry about it giving out. The biggest eye opener was a pass I threw on the run, running towards my left. I planted with all my weight, drove my weight and zipped it in there, just like I was able to do early last year. I knew, then and there, I was back. Am I 100%, no, am I 80%, yes. Will I get back to normal. It is not a question of If, it is a question of when. I have been doing all I can to get back. Working HARD, doing the little things, as lame as may seem to others who are have not done this before. I had one of my players ask me the other day, wow you look better than some people who are not injured, I said, unless you have been down this road, you just don't know what it is. I will continue to push myself, remembering what the therapist told me, it's about hard work, and smart work. Knowing where the weakness is and attacking. For all my peers who are dealing with this crappy injury, hang in there. Work HARD, and keep your head up.

Fernando Zavala

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First Hour Run

Now, I have confidence my knee is healed, strong, and ready for more. I decided to run last night. Since it finally started to feel like fall here in Dallas, Texas. I put on the nike running tights, and my sweat gear, and went for a run around my hood. First off, my endurance needs to get better, which it will. For the most part it was great. I had good stride, my surgically reconstructed leg was great, a bit sore today. Sore, but good sore, I have missed this feeling so much, I love to run, I love to lift weights. I will probably try to stretch, and get a bit more running in today, and some weights. For those just starting their ACL Journey, be patient, work hard. It's not about getting back fast, it's about being smart, and working smart. You will have good days, and some days will suck the big one, follow the protocol, rest, and don't forget to ice, and use some heat.

Fernando #5